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Dorey Financial Modelling: Iress Open Standard Integration

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Type: Digital Engagement


Locale(s): UK


Description provided by the integrator

Concerto is the latest product to be launched by Dorey Financial Modelling an Actuarial technology provider with a variety of SasS products.The concept of Concerto, being a suitability tool which provides meaningful analysis Advisers and clients alike, to ensure that the client’s objectives are in harmony when choosing a risk level. Concerto uses a variety of techniques to keep clients engaged with the suitability process, while breaking down the concept of risk into its component parts.Concerto is one part of the Risk Portal and accompanies the bespoke Cashflow Modelling Tool and Asset Allocation tool that can accompany Concerto, which creates a suite of tools which provides a user friendly, integrated, compliant process for Advisers.   


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Website for integrator:


Expected Delivery: Unknown


Activation Type: Switched on in Xplan System Settings


Iress Contact: please contact your account manager if you need further assistance.

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