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Xplan Integrations
Details of all the companies who integrate with us
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Introducing Iress Open

Iress People

We're making it easier to connect Xplan with a range of third-party applications.

It's all part of Iress Open and giving more choice and flexibility.

Iress Open offers :

  • standard integrations and
  • custom integrations


Standard integrations

This new approach means clients can connect Xplan easily and directly to a third-party application by using an ‘app key’ or ID.

Standard integrations facilitate the 2 way transfer of data with the third-party application, rely on a client's permission and don’t require product development by Iress. This means clients can allow third-party software providers direct access to integrate with an Xplan site and, over time, more Iress software.

A range of standard integrations are already available. There are also a number of additional third-party application vendors that have been issued with app keys to use to develop integrations with Xplan.

You can access a list of available standard integrations here.


Custom integrations

On custom integrations we work closely with third-party software providers to develop bespoke solutions and in some cases embed functionality within the Iress software.  As a consequence the process to switch on custom integrations may include additional licences and / or a specific contract change.

We have a rich history of building custom integration with third-party providers and we will continue to partner with providers to increase what's available to our clients.

For more information about  different types of Xplan custom integrations look here.