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Iress Open

Iress People

We're making it easier to connect Xplan with a range of third-party applications.

It's all part of Iress Open and giving more choice and flexibility.

Iress Open offers :

  • standard integrations and
  • custom integrations


Standard integrations

This new approach means clients can connect Xplan easily and directly to a third-party application by using an ‘app key’ or ID.

Standard integrations facilitate the transfer of data with the third-party application, rely on a client's permission and don’t require product development by Iress. This means clients can allow third-party software providers direct access to integrate with an Xplan site and, over time, more Iress software.

A range of standard integrations are already available. There are also a number of additional third-party application vendors that have been issued with app keys to use to develop integrations with Xplan.

You can access a list of available standard integrations here.


Custom integrations

On custom integrations we work closely with third-party software providers to develop and embed functionality within the Iress software.

We have a rich history of building custom integration with third-party providers such as SuiteBox for video conferencing through to large providers such as Microsoft and FujiXerox.

We will continue to partner with providers to increase what's available to our clients.

You can access a list of Xplan custom integrations here.


Activation of third-party application integrations, both custom and standard, are at the discretion of the client and site administrator.