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Xplan Integrations
Details of all the companies who integrate with us
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Different Types of Integration

Iress People


Standard Integrations

Standard integrations facilitate the transfer of data with a third-party application and operate within a pre-set range of data fields which rely on permissions. 

Benefits of working with the Standard Integration include speed to market (they don't require product development by Iress), there is no charge levied by Iress for the use of the product and that the service can be 'self enabled' by the client side system administrators on their Xplan site using the Iress Open menu in System Settings.  There is no additional paperwork and the terms are stored electronically.

** Clients who have outsourced site administration in a Managed Services arrangement may need to refer to their Account Manager to facilitate the switch on.

 A list of available integrations can be found here and, as more become available, you’ll find them both in the community and in the Systems Settings area of your Xplan site.

Want to know more about how the Standard integration works, what fields are included etc?  Try the Standard Integrations FAQ



Custom integrations

On custom integrations we work closely with third-party software providers to develop, embed and permission functionality within the Iress product user interface.

Xplan globally integrates with more than 450 third-party systems providing Xplan clients and users with additional functionality across six key categories: Fully embedded, practice management (various listed here), gateways (for payments and messaging), investment and insurance product information and research, electronic applications and datafeeds.  

More information about the integrations available in each category—and how to access and leverage them for your business—can be found below.

We have a rich history of building custom integration with third-party providers and will continue to partner with other providers to extend the capability available to our clients.


Fully Embedded

Integrations to help maximise engagement with your clients and deliver a quality experience embedded and indistinguishable in the Xplan journeys.


Microsoft Office Suite



CoreLogic - address lookup

Provision of address suggestion in Xplan for the Australian market.


QAS - postcode lookup

Provision of postcode lookup for the United Kingdom.

United Kingdom

Google Maps - address mapping

Click here for more information.




Gateway integrations with eCommerce applications authorise and streamline credit card or direct payment processing and gateways integrations with telecommunication network providers to send and receive text messages.  Xplan can debit invoice payments from credit cards using a third-party payment gateway. The transaction details are sent to the gateway via a secure connection, and the third-party processes the transaction.

Click here for more information


Investment and insurance product information and research

Having access to relevant, up-to-date product information allows you to make qualitative and quantitative comparisons across key criteria to form recommendations for your clients.

For more details about the specific product information and research available in your country, speak with your Iress account manager.


Electronic applications

The electronic application (eApps) integrations that we have in place streamline the process of lodging a client’s application with investment and insurance process by providing you with the tools necessary to complete and execute your client’s request directly into a third-party form or system.

For a full listing of eApplications available in your country, speak with your Iress account manager.



Datafeeds are an efficient way to import client data—administered by third-party data vendors— into your Xplan site.  

We have arrangements with hundreds of third-party data providers globally such as stockbrokers, asset/fund managers, investment platforms/wraps and insurance companies.


Activation of third-party application integrations are at the discretion of the client and site administrator.

For a full listing of data vendors and the specific data available visit the Xplan Datafeeds section.