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Contacting Support for Trigold / Xplan Mortgage

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No-one can anticipate when they will need to contact the Trigold support team. We have a team of highly skilled and friendly people that endeavour to make contacting the support team a quick, pain free, easy and dare we say it, enjoyable experience. Based on your excellent feedback we really do think so!

During these difficult times however, we are experiencing a very high volume of calls. Initially, we were helping with getting laptops setup in order to help you work from home. Now, with more companies preparing to move back to their offices we are helping move data back to desktop machines. 

In order to minimise queuing times we have introduced a call back facility on the technical support line where you can leave a message for the team, hang up and go about your business safe in the knowledge that your place in the queue will be retained and you will be called back by the next available technical support analyst. This is proving to be a real benefit to those that have used the service since its launch.

Having studied call patterns, the support team tend to be at their busiest from 12pm until 4.30pm and although we stagger the teams lunches as much as possible, queuing times do tend to be at there highest between 12.30pm and 2.30pm.

If you need to contact the support team during these core hours, using the callback facility will certainly make your interaction with the support team a more pleasurable and less frustrating experience. 


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Here are some great hints and tips on searching the Community. If you still need help, you'll find all of the contact details below to speak to us directly but first have you used Ask the Community for assistance?

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Support Contact Details


Technical Support

Telephone.png  03450 683 000, option 3 then option 1


Product Data queries

Telephone.png  03450 683 000, option 3 then option 2



Telephone.png  03450 683 000, option 3 then option 3



Telephone.png  03450 683 000, option 3 then option 4


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