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Xplan Zoom Integration: Schedule Video Meeting On Behalf Of Other Users
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For practices using our video meeting integration and want more flexibility to book meetings on behalf of advisers, our feature to scheduled video meetings will retain the simplicity of creating a video meeting while allowing advisers to have the same host powers as they regularly would.



  • Organiser and any alternative hosts need have authorised the zoom integration on their xplan logins.  Note: Users who have previously authorised the integration may be prompted to re-authorise in Xplan version 21.5.169.
  • The organiser and any alternative hosts must be part of the same Zoom organisation/account.
  • The organiser and any alternative hosts must be on a licensed/paid Zoom plan (feature is not available to users on the free tier Zoom plan).


Key Features

When adding Xplan users to the following video meeting events (as attendees) they will be created as alternative hosts to the meeting, providing them with all the same Zoom access as the user who created the meeting:

  • Xplan users who have been added as participants in Video meeting modal 


  • Xplan users who have been added as attendees in diary video meeting event


  • Xplan users who have been added as dynamic participants in diary video meeting event


What alternative hosts can do:

  • Join, start and end the meeting without the original organiser needing to do anything or be present
  • Record the Zoom meeting (Note: Could recorded meetings will be saved in the original organiser’s Zoom account)


Next Steps

This feature is now available in Xplan version 21.5.169 and above.


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