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iFactFind: Iress Open Standard Integration

Iress People

Type: Digital Engagement


Locale: AU


Description provided by the integrator

iFactFind™ “the new standard in client data collection and management".

Not just an editable pdf or a simple form to be completed, iFactFind is a dynamic and efficient way to gather all the client data you will ever need – collaboratively with your clients - in a compliant and professional way, through the smart use of API's and data-feeds.

How it works?

iFactFind™ has been designed to help manage both prospective and existing clients so the whole process follows a logical order from initial practice contact to a fully on-boarded client. The service works with the adviser in the centre – authorised representatives are the primary identifiers – and everything is geared towards making their role more compliant, efficient and effective.

iNTELLIGENT: Data collection sequence has been designed to minimise duplication of information. The objective of this approach is to only require a single point of collection that becomes a single source of truth, (SSOT).

iNTERACTIVE: Track your client's progress in Real-Time and provide help where needed. We want to ensure efficient conversion from an Initial Prospect to an Ongoing Client. A CRM that allows you to begin the scoping of your client's needs from the very first Practice contact.

iNTUITIVE: We’ve developed iFactFind from the Ground Up with a User Experience (UX) in mind. Our snapshot function allows you to capture and store client information every time you provide advice, so that you have a compliant record of your client’s up to date details. We will even be able to identify who added information (the adviser, para planner, support staff or the client) via our audit function.

iNNOVATIVE: We’ve taken the core format of the Paper Based Fact Find to a whole new level. Finally, a full-scale database supporting the detailed collection of client information specifically for Holistic and Goals Based Advice.


Contact details for integrator: Sahil Matta,


Website for integrator:


Expected Delivery: End of August 2020


Activation Type (once live): switched on in Xplan System Settings 


Iress Contact: please contact your account manager if you need further assistance.

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