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WealthXcel Construct (Tiller Technologies): Iress Open standard integration

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Type: Digital Engagement

Locale: UK


Description provided by the integrator

Construct is a suite of quantitative portfolio management tools specifically designed to monitor, adjust and model client portfolios, whilst maintaining risk suitability against a model.
Although risk and suitability checks are a key regulatory requirement, for many firms, the process of performing these checks is often manual or non-systematised. As a result, most struggle to be able to clearly demonstrate a repeatable process for how they ensure ongoing portfolio risk suitability across their client-base. WealthXcel Construct is designed to address this problem.

It performs these four specialist tasks:

- Portfolio suitability monitoring - Ongoing monitoring of clients' portfolios vs underlying model for the assessment of portfolio risk suitability. Run 'on-the-fly' individual portfolio checks in seconds,or bulk check thousands of portfolios in minutes.
- Portfolio rebalancing - Calculates the optimal and minimal number of trades to bring a client portfolio back to suitability—with the option to restrict which assets are traded, as well as other elements such as CGT and ESG.
- Portfolio construction with non-model assets - Create bespoke client portfolios by customising a model portfolio with non-model assets (from investment manager or client's choice of assets) while ensuring risk suitability.
- Portfolio risk modelling - Construct offers comprehensive on-demand risk reporting and scenario analysis, giving immediate insight to understand the state of client portfolios.


Contact details for integrator:

Email: T

Phone: 0330 390 4500


Website for integrator:

Expected Delivery: TBC

Activation Type: can be switched on in Xplan System Settings.

Iress Contact: please contact your account manager if you need further assistance.

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