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Watermark - Papercloud: Iress Open standard integration

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We are pleased to share the news that a new third party integration is now in pilot. 

This is a standard integration which means that it was built by the third party to connect to your Xplan site via the standard integration template.  Iress do not charge for this service and it can be enabled by your own site administrator using the Iress Open setting within your Xplan site.

Integration details

Allowing internal control over all aspects of data storage and maintenance

Software type: Document management

Locale:  United Kingdom

Status: Live

Activation type (once live): see Setup Instructions below

Contact details for integrator:

Website for integrator:

Description provided by the integrator:

Watermark Technologies Limited offers a range of document management solutions tailored specifically for the Financial Services sector and designed by practitioners. The easily configurable filing structures enable documents to be quickly saved and retrieved in the office or on the go.


Setup Instructions

This integration has been built by the third party integrator and they have not yet provided us with details on how to use the integration. Please contact the integrator for more information.

Setup in Xplan can be done via System Settings/Iress Open but there is also a further step that needs to be completed. Please contact your Iress representative for assistance.


For further assistance

Please contact your Iress representative (Account Manager/Executive) if you need further assistance.

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