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Voyant: Iress Open Standard Integration

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This is a standard integration which means that it was built by the third party to connect to your Xplan site via the standard integration template.  Iress do not charge for this service and it can be enabled by your own site administrator using the Iress Open setting within your Xplan site.

Integration details

Voyant helps advisers and clients plan and adapt to real life events, before, during and after they happen. It's interactive, easy to use, and collaborative, meaning advisers and clients can work together to make smarter, more tangible financial decisions. With Voyant, you get all the information you need to answer every "what-if" scenario.

Software type: Cashflow Planning

Locale:  United Kingdom

Status: Live

Activation type (once live): System Settings 

Contact details for

Website for integrator:

Description provided by the integrator:

A global leader in the financial services space, Voyant is not the typical provider of “financial planning” or “cash flow modeling” solutions. We deliver true financial health management. Show your clients more than just how to manage their assets through retirement. Bring together every aspect of your clients’ lives to weave together a complete tapestry of their present and future. From independent advisers to large scale enterprises, Voyant’s adviser-first, innovative solutions are a favorite in the financial services world. In addition to our solutions, we provide white labeling for tailor-made offerings and comprehensive training for seamless onboarding.  

Setup Instructions

 Please see Voyant's setup guide here.


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Please contact your Iress representative (Account Manager/Executive) if you need further assistance.

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