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Videosign : Iress Open Custom Integration

Iress People

Integration overview

This is a custom integration which means that the integration was built by the third party integrator in conjunction with Iress.  Please refer to the setup instructions below for clarification on how to proceed.


Integration summary

Videosign’s all-in-one remote business platform combines recorded online video conferencing, remote biometric identification facility, secure digital signing, and robust compliance features enabling you to close more business quickly and improve your customer’s user experience.

Software type: Online meetings, ID verification, eSignatures, Document Sharing and Collaboration, and secure signature witnessing

Locale(s):  Global

Contact details for integrator:

Website for integrator:

Description provided by the integrator:

Videosign gives you the facility to meet with your customers remotely and conduct your business in a secure online meeting room without the need for impersonal, frustrating, and lengthy in-person or paper process.

Using the Videosign browser-based software platform, you can personally guide your customers face-to-face through application forms, contracts, and documents collaboratively.

Conduct and record biometric and document checking identity verifications with ease, so that you can be certain that you are doing business with the appropriate person, and that you have met and exceeded your regulatory compliance responsibilities.

Digital and wet signatures can be carried out, and automatically ‘eWitnessed’ with video recordings and time stamped, detailed activity logs to support compliance requirements.


Setup instructions

Integrations are a connecting doorway between two systems and you will need to enable these from both the Iress Xplan and the Third Party integrator side before they can be used.

Videosign offers more than one licensing option, so please contact them to discuss your requirements as a first step. (Please see our Set-up Checklist for more details.) Once terms are agreed with Videosign please contact your Iress representative to move things forward with Xplan.

Note: Some organisations have Videosign set-up under the Open Integrations in the Client Navigation menu. If this is available on your Xplan site, select this option, and you can buy a Videosign license directly from the vendor. The required setup will have already been completed in Xplan so you then ready to go.

Please see the user guide for more details.

In Xplan: 

  • If you manage your own site: Please refer to the setup checklist. Note that this must be undertaken by your site administrator.   
  • If you are part of a network or dealer group: Please refer to your organisation’s support team who will undertake this on your behalf.
  • If you outsource your site administration to Iress:  This integration has not yet been enabled. Please contact your Iress Account Manager who will be able to raise the necessary request to progress this on your behalf. Terms and conditions are included in your managed service agreement. For details, see our website under Integrations available via Iress Open (Xplan and Private Wealth).