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Setting up the Dynamic Planner Integration

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Distribution Technology has built an Iress Open Standard integration for use with their Dynamic Planner (DP) software. Please see Iress Community for more details.

The integration is accessed through Xplan using a launch button. This prompts a login to Dynamic Planner which exports client and asset details from Xplan into DP so that you can use its features and functionality as usual. Client reports, created in Dynamic Planner, are automatically sent back to Xplan.





The Dynamic Planner Iress Open Integration is set up as usual, through the Iress Open screen in Xplan System Settings, but an extra step is needed to add a launch button. You will need administrator rights to carry out these steps. Please also ensure that you are authorised to accept the terms and conditions for switching on this integration.

Client reports in Dynamic Planner are sent back to Xplan as an attachment to a Document Note. The DocNote type used to create the entry is ‘General’ so please check that this entry is present on your Xplan site.


Users will need a Dynamic Planner license to use this integration.


User Guide

Once setup is complete (as below) a launch button is created which enables you to access Dynamic Planner from an Xplan client.

1. First open your client and navigate to the Open Integrations menu option. Click on Dynamic planner.

2. You will see the Dynamic Planner launch button in the top right corner of your screen. Click the button.

3. In the next screen Dynamic Planner requests you to accept terms and conditions. Tick the box if you agree.

4. In the next screen Xplan asks you to allow Dynamic Planner access to your Xplan account. Click on Allow if you agree.

5. Next Dynamic Planner will import the Xplan client details. Once this is complete you will see details of the data that will be imported. Click on Proceed to Dynamic Planner.

6. You will need to enter your Dynamic Planner username and password to login.

7. Dynamic Planner is launched and your Xplan client will be in context so that you can use the functionality as usual.

Please see details provided by Distribution Technology in Iress Community for further information.


Setup Guide

The Dynamic Planner Iress Open Integration is set up, as usual, through the Iress Open screen in Xplan System Settings, but an extra step is needed to add a launch button. You will need administrator rights to carry out these steps. Users will also need a Dynamic Planner license to use this integration.


Step 1 - Enable your Xplan site

Please ensure that you have authority to accept our standard terms and conditions (T&Cs) before proceeding with this step.

1. In Xplan go to the Admin ‘cog’ to the left of your screen and select Site and then System Settings in the left hand menu. Click on Iress Open in the new menu that appears.

2. In the Iress Open screen click on the Dynamic Planner tile. Click on the Activate button and review the T&Cs. If you are happy to accept click on Agree.

3. Click on ‘Iress Open’ towards the top of your screen to return to the previous page. There should now be a green tick on the tile.


4. This step is now complete.


Step 2 - Setup the launch button

Remain in the System Settings area

1. Now click on the Interface menu option then Links and Settings.

2. Click on Add and add a Short Name for the button

3. Check the Interface box

4. For the URL box you need your Xplan URL (found at the top of your screen) without the https:// part. For example on my site this is

5. This is then paired with the URL below plus your site details from 4. above


6. Click on Save


Step 3 - Add the launch button to the Client Menu

For this step you need to return to the main Admin Menu and select Interface, then Interface again.


You are now in the Edit Interface area. At this point we will add the launch button to the Client Navigation Menu. 

If you have the FE Analytics Integration enabled please skip to point 2 as you will already have an Open Integrations menu option, otherwise start from point 1. If you don’t have the FE Analytics Integration enabled, but intend to, please set FE up first.

1. In the options at the top of the screen, hold your mouse on the Menu element and drag it to the bottom of the Edit Interface menu


Entitle it Open Integrations and click on Save.


You will now have an Open Integrations Menu item.


2. In the Menu list, click on the arrow next to your Open Integrations menu option then select Add New Page.


3. Call the new Page Dynamic Planner and click on Save. Click on your new Page in the Menu so that you can see the General tab in the right hand panel.

4. Click on the small + next to External Links 

5. In the Name box type Dynamic Planner. In the Link box select the Dynamic Planner option that you set up earlier and click on Save. Your launch button is now ready to test.


7. Click on the button to test it, you should see the Dynamic Planner login box (below) on your screen. 

8. The Xplan part of the set up is now complete, if you have a license and login for Dynamic Planner you are ready to go. Otherwise please contact Dynamic Planner for further assistance with set up on their side.



Configuring the launch button to enable it to be hidden by user group

The launch button is placed at site level so, without further configuration, it will be available to all users of a site. If there is a requirement to restrict users who can see the integration, this can be done using page conditioning. 

1. Return to the Edit Interface area (see Step 3 - Add the launch button to the Client Menu)

2. Locate the Open Integrations menu item and then select Dynamic Planner. Click on the arrow next to the page and select Add Condition.


3. Click on the Entity / User Group Conditions tab

4. On the User Members section, select Restricted to Groups. If you don’t select any groups at this point, the page and launch button will be entirely hidden until you are ready to add a group (in which case click on Close at this point).


5. If you wish to add a group click on the arrow next to the <Not Selected> field and search for the group(s) required, then highlight the required group and click on the + next to Add to List


6. Once all groups have been added click on OK. The page and launch button will now only be visible to groups which show in the User members section. Click on Close.


7. As and when further groups need to be added simply repeat the process above.


Troubleshooting / FAQs

What is an Iress Open Standard integration?

Details of Different Types of Integration can be found on Iress Community

Is any data pushed back into Xplan?

Reports created in Dynamic Planner are pushed back as Document Notes


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