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Onboarding the MoneyInfo Integration

Iress People

The basics, do not pass go unless ...

...first and foremost your firm has signed up to an agreement directly with moneyinfo.  You will also need to agree with moneyinfo how you want to proceed with regards to testing and full enablement.

Its more straightforward on the Iress side.  We wont charge for this integration and there is no need to alter your contract with Iress other than acknowledging the integration terms presented in the Xplan site switch on screens.  For Managed Service Clients on Multi-tenant sites these already form part of your agreements.

For this integration, due to the nature of the set up, most of the work will need to be completed by the site admin both on Xplan and the moneyinfo systems.


Step 1 - Xplan

The site administrator will need to enable the moneyinfo integration on your instance of Xplan - this is dependent on your site being at code version 19.12.98 or above.  In the case of Managed Services Clients on Multi-tenant sites - this step has already been completed on your behalf.


Step 2 - Xplan

The site administrator has to create the moneyinfo service user account in you instance of Xplan, there is a separate guide on how to complete this here.  For Managed Service Clients on multi-tenant sites - you will need to request this via your Account Executive.

Once the service user account has been set up in Xplan the username and password needs to be added into moneyinfo Manager.  This data is encrypted into the moneyinfo database, passwords are never visible through moneyinfo Manager and are not delivered to the moneyinfo UI at any point. This statement and the following information about how this process is completed has been provided by the moneyInfo Team.


 Step 3 - moneyinfo

The Xplan site administrator or client user who manages the relationship with moneyinfo will need to log into the moneyinfo site and select the 'Consent' option in Manager>Import>Data Providers, which will take the user to the Xplan login screen.


 Step 4 - moneyinfo

Make sure you are logged out of Xplan and then go the moneyinfo Manager Import page (1). On Import page select Data providers tab (2) and the select Consent option (3).



 Step 5 - In moneyinfo

You’ll then need to login to the Xplan section and follow the instructions to create a new bearer token.  Then return to moneyinfo Manager to complete the process.


Step 6 - moneyinfo

In the moneyinfo Manager>Import>Data Providers>locate xPlan>click ‘Edit’.



Here you can add (and update) the password of the service user account that was set up in Xplan.

Once done, click save - the process is complete.