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Onboarding the CashCalc Integration

Iress People

The basics.   Do not pass go unless…

a) Your site administrator will need to have enabled the integration on your instance of Xplan - this is dependent on your site being at code version 19.12.98 or above.  In the case of Managed Services Clients on Multi-tenant sites - this step has already been completed on your behalf.

b) You have signed up to an agreement directly with CashCalc.  Iress wont charge for the integration and there is no need to alter your contract with Iress other than the integration terms presented in the Xplan site switch on screens, as per point (a) above - or as part of your arrangement with the Managed Service Team.


Step 1

This process will need to be completed by each CashCalc user, first log into Cashcalc.

  • If this is the first time you have logged in there will be an email / account verification step to compete with CashCalc.


Step 2

Once logged in locate the integrations section and select Iress.



Step 3

You need to enter your Xplan site URL, noting our friends at CashCalc have completed some of it for you.

  • If you are just having a look around and you have an Xplan test site - we recommend you enter test credentials here.








Step 4 

If you have entered a valid site you will be redirected to Xplan.  If you are already logged into Xplan go straight to step 5. If not enter your Xplan credentials in the usual manner.  

Step 5

Once logged into Xplan you will be directed to a confirm page where you need to accept the connection.


This is part of the authentication process and behind the scenes the credentials that have input on both the CashCalc system and your Xplan instance will be verified and checked against the secure key details stored by both systems.


Step 6

Congratulations you have enabled the connection - you should drop into your CashCalc home page - which will look something like this.   Good news is you won’t have to complete this process again as the link has been established on a permanent basis unless you switch off the integration with one or the other party.


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