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Iress Open - Standard Integration Trouble Shooting Guide

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Purpose of this page is to list solutions to Integration queries raised by our clients or the Third Parties.  As the number of adopters increases there are likely to be more specific issues.  Please also note you could try the FAQ located here.

Topic: User Groups

Identified in: Integration Enablement / Practifi

A couple of users have expressed confusion regarding the permission of users and how it interacts with an integration.  By way of background, in Xplan, clients are typically put into groups that can effectively form walls around who can see what. A client might be in one or many groups, and a user might also be in one or many groups. But in general, a user can only see those clients that are in groups that the user is also in.

There are a couple of notable exceptions.

1) First is that a user can always see the clients they are primary adviser on, regardless of group.

2) The System does have a capability that can be given to a user which enables them to “see all clients” which will override the group memberships and open up all clients.

Issues can arise when a practice tries to enable an integration for a user that is not in the same group as a specific client but does have this overriding capability.  This will manifest in the user having access in Xplan but not when using the standard integration where the restriction is tighter and will only allow the user to see clients within the boundaries of the group memberships, regardless of if the user has the overriding cap.

On the few instances where this has come up, adjusting the user’s group settings within the Xplan site will resolve the issue and is really quick an easy to do.


Topic: Missing Clients

Identified in: Initial Switch On / moneyinfo

A client firm in live pilot noticed that not all the Xplan client records they were expecting where being presented in the moneyinfo systems.

The capabilities of the client account were confirmed as correct and in line with the capabilities of the standard API key.  The groups that the missing clients belonged to were cross referenced against the groups that the service account had access to - also correct.

The discrepancy was due to that fact that the Standard Integration is restricted to transmitting 'active client entities' only.  This value is held in Xplan under 'client_status' where only status 0 'client' is included with  other statii positively excluded, for reference these being:

  • Inactive/Archived → 2, inactive, archived
  • Group Plan Members → 4, group_plan_members
  • Prospect → 8, prospect
  • Contact → 32, contact
  • Deceased → 64, deceased

 This logic is documented in the integration specs - but this information might be useful for those less familiar with the design and / or where approaching from a UAT perspective.

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