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Invessed: Iress Open Standard Integration

Iress People

Integration overview

We are pleased to share the news that a new third party integration is now available for Xplan users. 

This is a standard integration which means that it was built by the third party to connect to your Xplan site via the standard integration template.  Iress does not charge for this service and it can be enabled by your own site administrator using the Iress Open setting within your Xplan site.


Integration summary

Invessed is a digital customer experience platform for wealth and asset managers. Connect our platform to Xplan
and other systems, to create engaging lead-generation websites, secure client portals and apps.

Software type: Portal

Locale(s):  UK

Contact details for integrator: Support desk -, Polina Gulei -

Website for integrator:

Description provided by the integrator:

In a digital-first world, how can wealth managers stay close to their clients?
Trust, discretion, and finesse make a great Wealth Manager. This hasn’t changed but wealth portal technology has. A market-leading Client Portal will help your advisors reach new audiences, deliver seamless reporting, and stay close to their clients. Our specialist Client Portal technology delivers a cutting-edge experience worthy of your brand, across web and mobile.
Engage clients, encourage loyalty and referrals
  • Meet client demand for secure portfolio access, on desktop to mobile 
  • Foster loyalty, with always-on access that keeps clients engaged with your brand
  • Encourage referrals through the Client Portal, the tangible part of your value proposition
Active protection for your clients’ data
  • Enjoy the full protection of Microsoft Azure and Google Cloud investment in security
  • Protect your data with strong SSL/end-to-end encryption and two-factor authentication
  • Penetration-tested as per requirements and accredited by ISO 27001 standard
Simplify onboarding and account management
  • Simplify client onboarding with tick lists, flexible forms and secure document exchange
  • Feed data directly to your CRM, trigger notifications to connect into your wider Ops
  • Allow clients to self-manage their accounts, reach your advisors, place orders and requests


Setup instructions

Integrations are a connecting doorway between two systems and you will need to enable these from both the Iress Xplan and the Third Party integrator side before they can be used.

In Xplan: 

This integration follows the Standard Integration pattern:

  • If you manage your own site: You can enable the integration yourself using this guide. Note that this must be undertaken by your site administrator.   
  • If you are part of a network or dealer group: Please refer to your organisation’s support team who will undertake this on your behalf.
  • If you outsource your site administration to Iress:  This integration has not yet been enabled for outsourced sites. Please contact your Iress Account Manager who will be able to raise the necessary request to progress this on your behalf. Terms and conditions are included in your managed service agreement. For details, see our website under Integrations available via Iress Open (Xplan and Private Wealth).


In your third party integrator software: 

The third party has not yet provided us with setup details for this integration. Please contact them using the contact details above for more information.