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InTouch - InTouch Secure Business Channel

Iress People

Integration overview

We are pleased to share the news that a new third party integration is in development.  

This is a standard integration which means that it is being built by the third party to connect to your Xplan site via the standard integration template.  

Integration summary

InTouch is focused on establishing secure, compliant and private communication channels between the FSP and their key stakeholders (Leads and Clients) to enable customised, authenticated transactions, business workflows and free chat.

Software type: Digital Engagement, AML

Locale(s):  ZA (Global provider)

Contact details for integrator:

Website for integrator:

Description provided by the integrator:

InTouch eliminates the onerous elements from the engagement process, elevates the relationship, increases engagement and drives convenience between FSP and Clients.

Privacy and Security are of upmost importance to InTouch. By applying the most cutting edge security methods available we will always fight to keep you, our partners and clients and users as secure as possible. Not only do we secure the communication, we are able to give you confidence in the identity of the users you are communicating with by authenticating the user with biometrics and other mechanisms.

We do not and will never have access to any of your data. We cannot and will not mine user data for advertising or other reasons. You, your partners and your Clients are in control and the owner of all data. Users are in control and the owner of all biometric information. All data is audit trailed and is only visible to you, your partners and users, where applicable, for interrogation and reporting purposes.

InTouch allows you to take advantage of an easy to use and intuitive mobile messaging interface and workflow engine that enables users to seamlessly authenticate identity, interact and transact with you and your partners. 

The InTouch Platform grows with you. Continually grow functionality and services with our scalable software as a service platform

InTouch would like to facilitate the secure communication of all your FSPs business related mobile interactions. Integrated directly with Iress Xplan, InTouch will be able to:

  • Facilitate monthly and more frequent secure communication with end user clients

  • Trusted KYC including identity verification, proof of address, bank account validation, PEP/Sanctions, Credit

    Check, Consumer Trace, Company KYC and more

  • Biometric Authenticated trades/instructions/investments/interactions

  • Allow client to securely and easily access their Iress Xplan client information, statements, portfolio, insurance,

    life, medical, pension and more information via their mobile phone • Electronic signature of mandates and documentation

InTouch will act as a secure and private channel for FSPs, running Iress Xplan, as a trusted last mile engagement tool to securely connect and run their business processes with their clients - with this being able to be initiated by their Iress Xplan environment and all the data integrating to and reflecting in their Iress Xplan environment. 





Setup instructions

Integrations are a connecting doorway between two systems and you will need to enable these from both the Iress Xplan and the Third Party integrator side before they can be used.

In Xplan: 

This integration follows the Standard Integration pattern:

N.B. The integration will require a single point of access, this will be achieved by setting up a user account (service account) to be used by the Integration to access al client data. 

  • If you manage your own site: You can enable the integration yourself using this guide. Note that this must be undertaken by your site administrator.   
  • If you are part of a network or dealer group: Please refer to your organisation’s support team who will undertake this on your behalf.
  • If you outsource your site administration to Iress:  This integration may already have been enabled. Please contact your Iress Account Manager who will be able to confirm or raise the necessary request to progress this on your behalf. Terms and conditions are included in your managed service agreement. For details, see our website under Integrations available via Iress Open (Xplan and Private Wealth).


In your third party integrator software: 

The third party has not yet provided us with setup details for this integration. Please contact them using the contact details above for more information.