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Ethic Adviser: Iress Open Standard Integration

Iress People

Integration overview

We are pleased to share the news that a new third party integration is now available for Xplan users. 

This is a standard integration which means that it was built by the third party to connect to your Xplan site via the standard integration template.  Iress does not charge for this service and it can be enabled by your own site administrator using the Iress Open setting within your Xplan site.


Integration summary

Ethic Adviser is a digital sustainable investing Discovery, Analytics, Research and Advice platform. Designed help any Adviser to become a sustainable investing specialist for their clients. 

Software type: Portal

Locale(s):  Australia

Contact details for integrator:

Website for integrator:

Description provided by the integrator:

Ethic Adviser is a market leader in delivering advice tools to support the growing sustainable investing market. Our solutions were developed in response to increasing demand from Advisers and their Clients and to support the movement of capital to more ethical and responsible businesses. Built by Advisers for Advisers, the Ethic Adviser platform can help any Adviser become a sustainable investing specialist for their clients. Ethic Adviser is an advanced discovery, research, analytics and advice platform which for the first time enables Advisers to confidently engage their clients and provide best practice, regulated advice, bridging the advice process gap between Clients demands and Sustainable Investing product solutions. Designed to compliment Adviser's other advice platforms and workflows, through interactive Client facing tools, Advisers can accurately and consistently capture and define a customer's sustainable investing and ESG parameters. They can leverage advanced data analytics features to analyze existing and proposed investments against each client profile as well as access institutional grade ESG research on over global 100,000 instruments. The Outputs feature allows Advisers to automatically generate and track for compliance all their post meeting needs including client email, file notes and Advice Document inputs. Additionally though the Insights module, we enable Advisers and their portfolio construction teams to develop bespoke solutions bespoke tailored to the unique needs of their customer base. To use Ethic Adviser and Xplan, simple sign up to Ethic Adviser and connect your Xplan account. Add Clients, Portfolios and APLs and start discovery how your Client investment align to their values in under 2 minutes.


Setup instructions

Integrations are a connecting doorway between two systems and you will need to enable these from both the Iress Xplan and the Third Party integrator side before they can be used.

In Xplan: 

This integration follows the Standard Integration pattern:

  • If you manage your own site: You can enable the integration yourself using this guide. Note that this must be undertaken by your site administrator.   
  • If you are part of a network or dealer group: Please refer to your organisation’s support team who will undertake this on your behalf.
  • If you outsource your site administration to Iress:  This integration has not yet been enabled. Please contact your Iress Account Manager who will be able to raise the necessary request to progress this on your behalf. Terms and conditions are included in your managed service agreement. For details, see our website under Integrations available via Iress Open (Xplan and Private Wealth).


In your third party integrator software: 

The Third Party has supplied this setup guide for new users. If you already have an account please contact the integrator as above.