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DataOps: Iress Open Standard Integration

Iress People


Type: Digital Engagement

Locale: GB

Description provided by the integrator:

We have built this app with the intention of facilitating the digitisation of the risk assessment data gathering and discussion, a bespoke app developed around the unique set of questions, and your own methodology, to generate your clients risk score.
The intention of this app is to make the whole process of an initial client meeting, and required data gathering more secure, efficient & professional. We can customise this integrated solution so you can extract any required data from Xplan and securely store it on your device ready for your meeting. Review the data you hold on your clients, to make sure everything is up to date, run though though your risk profile questionnaire and generate a score. From here you can have access to vital information to have a meaningful discussion about investment opportunities, get a client signature and even email them a copy of everything you discussed before the meeting has ended. All customised for you to fit your process and brand.
Speak to us to discuss your options of having an customised risk proffer for your deployment of Xplan.

Contact details for integrator:

Website for integrator: 

Expected Delivery: TBA

Activation Type (once live): Xplan System Settings

Iress Contact: please contact your account manager if you need further assistance.

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