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CashCalc: Iress Open Standard Integration

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This is a standard integration which means that it was built by the third party to connect to your Xplan site via the standard integration template.  Iress do not charge for this service and it can be enabled by your own site administrator using the Iress Open setting within your Xplan site.

Integration details

Using CashCalc’s latest integrations, you can streamline your process and focus on the task at hand. 

Software type: Research & Cashflow Planning

Locale: UK

Status: live

Activation type: Xplan System Settings

Contact details for integrator: Joshua Callis

Website for integrator:

Description provided by the integrator:

Iress Xplan users can now take advantage of a 2-way integration with CashCalc. By doing so, users can easily send information from CashCalc to Iress Xplan and back again, eliminating the need to re-key client data. Better yet, using CashCalc’s Data Capture Forms to conduct a fact-find, you may not need to key any data at all.

For example, if a user was to create/input investment information in CashCalc, that information would automatically update/generate in Iress Xplan. A range of items can be transferred between CashCalc and Iress Xplan, including:

  • Investments
  • Pensions
  • Assets
  • Liabilities
  • Incomes
  • Expenses

This 2-way integration also comes at no additional cost to the user.  


Setup Instructions

Please see the user guide for more details.

For further assistance

Please contact your Iress representative (Account Manager/Executive) if you need further assistance.

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