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Integration overview

AstuteWheel is a leading goals-based advice and client engagement software provider for financial planners providing; online client questionnaires, strategy modelling calculators, presentation tools and marketing applications.


Integration summary

AstuteWheel provides advisers with a structured process and visual tools to make meetings more valuable and informative for the client.

Software type: Client Engagement - financial planning software

Locale:  Australia

Contact details for integrator:



Description provided by the integrator:

AstuteWheel financial planning software provides:

  • Online client information gathering questionnaires through a secure client portal that also provides secure chat, document loading, client vault and more.
  • Strategy modelling calculators that provide advisers with education tools to educate and empower clients to make informed decisions about their financial and strategy decisions.
  • Visual and interactive tools to improve client engagement when onboarding new clients or reviewing existing clients.

AstuteWheel now integrates seamlessly with XPlan, a leading financial planning software developed by IRESS

This integration allows financial planners to import and export client information between the two software systems enabling them to access the benefits of the AstuteWheel client engagement tools to conduct client meetings while maintaining all the benefits of The Xplan back of office suite of tools.


Setup instructions

Integrations are a connecting doorway between two systems and you will need to enable them from both the Iress Xplan and the Third Party integrator side before they can be used.

While this integration is in pilot it will be enabled manually by Iress and AstuteWheel on your behalf.

For Iress to do this:

  • If you manage your own site: An authorised individual can request this via AstuteWheel, please cite your Xplan site url in the request.
  • If you are part of a network or dealer group: Please refer to your organisation’s support team where the authorised site administrator will request this on your behalf.
  • If you outsource your site administration to Iress:  This integration has not yet been enabled. 


For further assistance

Please contact your Iress representative (Account Manager/Executive) if you need further assistance.