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“ViewPoint offers functionality that would’ve taken us years to build"

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“ViewPoint offers functionality that would’ve taken us years to build"


When your business is one of the largest banking groups in your market, and strives to exceed customer expectations, where do you turn if your current trading technology is not delivering?

Standard Bank offers a range of financial services across sub-Saharan Africa, employing over 54,000 people. We spoke to Ismail Karolia, digital specialist at Standard Online Share Trading, about maintaining the competitive edge and servicing today’s discerning trader with Iress.


“ViewPoint enables us to grow and scale”


“Technology is massively important to Standard Online Share Trading. We consider ourselves a technology business that offers trading. Digital service delivery is essential to our clients who want access to the latest information at their fingertips.

Prior to ViewPoint, we had an in-house streaming and charting solution. While it was functional, the technology was outdated and we were unable to scale or grow the platform. Maintenance was expensive and time consuming. We knew we needed to find a better way forward for our trading business. We approached Iress, for a more sophisticated online trading solution.

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“ViewPoint ticks all our boxes”


“Top of our wish list was finding software rich in features that was also easy to use. We wanted price, news streaming and advanced charting. Cost to the client was an important consideration as well as the stability of the platform. The software had to perform how we, and our clients needed it to. ViewPoint ticked all the boxes.

It's hugely beneficial that Iress offers a hosted, single web interface for various trading needs, as it reduces the risks associated with supporting multiple operating systems.”



"A customisable platform our clients love"


“Implementation was straight forward and since introducing ViewPoint, feedback from our clients has been positive. They love how they can customize ViewPoint to suit their needs with its user-friendly interface. One of the best things for them is that it's web-based, removing the hassle of desktop deployment.

We are also able to provide our clients with tiered packages based on their data requirements. It gives us the flexibility we need, and helps clients choose what’s right for them. ”


Screenshot 2021-02-02 at 10.20.52.png

"Using ViewPoint allows us to concentrate on other things"


“ViewPoint’s functionality would have taken us many years to build. Our IT team no longer has to support an in-house platform, allowing us more space and time to prioritise other projects.

Its uptime and availability is extraordinary with all the “bells and whistles” our clients want. I recommend it."


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