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Robo Advice

Iress Community Manager


Tell me how it will help me


Member engagement in superannuation can often be low or non-existent. In addition, an increasing number of consumers — across generations — are choosing to research and make financial decisions online. Iress recognises these challenges and has devised a contemporary, intuitive and engaging member experience.
Robo Advice allows you to service members seeking digital superannuation advice. With your own branding, this built-for-scale technology allows you to diversify your service offerings, extend your value proposition and directly engage with your members easily and effectively.

Tell me what it actually does

Robo Advice provides your members with a self-service advice offering, accessible from any device 24/7. It
allows you to digitally engage with members via online advice journeys targeting specific goals. This helps to improve a member’s financial situation and support their changing investment, lifestyle and financial goals. Robo Advice enables members to execute strategies so they can achieve better outcomes. It covers a range of financial objective advice journeys such as retirement adequacy, insurance needs or savings goals and includes educational content to help members understand, and navigate, their financial well being. 
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