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Order System (IOS+)

Iress Community Manager
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Tell me how it will help me

Multi-asset, multi-market trading can be challenging when managing orders across different venues and systems and can lack the centralised comparative transparency required.

Iress Order System (IOS+) addresses these challenges and complexities and is supported by a wealth of natively integrated market data delivered via Iress Pro. It helps facilitate best-execution obligations, manages business risk, ensures full compliance with local regulation and minimises client onboarding time.
IOS+ also has an optional powerful portfolio module which is live-linked to all trading activity—all within the one desktop.


Tell me what it actually does

IOS+ is fully featured to support the complete order lifecycle—combining powerful pre-trade risk management and sophisticated order execution processing with post-trade handling. This allows you to confidently trade into a global network, across multiple venues, which seamlessly connects buy- and sell-side market participants.

Users, firms and systems of all types and sizes can interface, route and manage orders and other instructions, to various downstream endpoints such as direct connections into domestic exchanges via proprietary trading interfaces and international exchanges via our global FIX hub, as well as outbound connectivity to third-party firms.
In addition to the native desktop application, a comprehensive API suite is actively supported and enhanced alongside all feature development. While the ecosystem is secure, it is also agnostic and open, allowing for integration with your existing back office and/or book of record providers as required.


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