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Market Data

Community Manager
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Tell me how it will help me

Market participants around the world need to make investment decisions based on current markets, economic events and personal situations. In order to do this, they require rich data to feed into the decision making process.

Whether this is current market news, up-to-date security information or research on companies, Market Data provides the key data and tools to enable investment and trading decisions.
Real-time market data accessed via terminals and/ or low-latency datafeeds and APIs.


Tell me what it actually does

Iress connects to global exchanges and data vendors to process live and static market information. This market information is made available via Iress trading and market data software.

Market data is accessed by a wide spectrum of participants, all with varying requirements such as wealth managers needing an up-to-date portfolio valuation, traders assessing positions they hold, and research analysts looking to assess companies or securities so they can make recommendations.

The data coverage, tools and visualisation features are constantly updated, so you can be sure you are accessing the most meaningful and useful information possible.


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