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Funds Trading

Iress Community Manager

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Tell me how it will help me

As an adviser or investment manager, increased admin and paper-based applications can disrupt your ay-to-day operations—creating increased costs, lengthy application time and re-keying errors.

This software assists in achieving significant efficiencies and reducing human error when processing transactions. Account creation and transactions are captured once and at the source. It provides advisers with real-time access to accurate data about their clients’ portfolios, as well as the ability to scale up their business to serve more clients, more efficiently while reducing risk and increasing time-to-market. Funds Trading enables advisers and investment managers to create a better client experience by adding value rather than spending time processing paperwork.


Tell me what it actually does

Funds Trading from Iress creates an open market for investment managers so they can make funds available to clients and advisors—while offering the lowest possible price to investors, which means a greater percentage of cash invested in the funds—making this a robust, end-to-end business offering.


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