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Acurity Registry

Iress Community Manager
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Tell me how it will help me

Acurity Registry easily supports a wide range of investment options, insurance designs, fee structures and more—it reduces risk, streamlines processes and automates back-end processing to drive administration efficiency.

Acurity Registry supports all of your products including defined benefit, accumulation, pension and hybrid funds. It allows you to consolidate legacy or disparate systems and have all products on a single registry, reducing the cost of supporting multiple systems and provides easier access to your data. 

High levels of automation ensure that transactions, such as contributions processing, are largely handled by the platform, with your valuable staff only handling exceptions. This allows you to reallocate staff from processing roles to member engagement roles, to deliver better services to your members.


Tell me what it actually does

Available as hosted or on-premise software, this full-featured registry platform drives administrative efficiency and enables speed-tomarket for new products and services.

Accessible 24/7 via your web browser, the platform supports a wide range of product types including defined benefit, accumulation, pension and hybrid products. It also supports a range of investment requirements such as direct equities, term deposits and managed funds.

The intuitive interface makes it easy to process transactions such as investment switches, benefit payments and other general member maintenance. These can then be actioned by your administrator or, through Acurity Online (or your own member portal) for your members to self-serve—driving efficiency and reducing risk associated with keying errors.


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