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Acurity Online

Iress Community Manager
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Tell me how it will help me

Lengthy administration times and concerns surrounding data integrity are typical challenges for superannuation funds. To alleviate these daily concerns, Acurity Online drives efficiency with high levels of straight-through processing and fullaudit capability—so you can have complete confidence in both the portal and the integrity of its data.

Delivering a personalised experience is the foundation of Acurity Online. With full control over content delivery and marketing messages, you can increase member engagement while leaving Acurity Registry to handle the transactional processing.
Leveraging improved performance and optimal user experience, your administration team will save time while lowering the average cost per transaction.


Tell me what it actually does

Acurity Online is a fully transactional, branded and online portal for superannuation members, employers, advisers and administrators. It allows you to retain control of your portals while Iress manages hosting and integration back to your registry.

Iress has created a wide range of member journeys and will provide you with various portal style templates without the hassle of a ground-up build. Alternatively, if you provide Iress with your design and style guide, your portal will be built using our wide range of standard integration services. This process takes the hassle out of building your custom site, and at the same time reduces ongoing maintenance.

Unlike typical white-labelled, out-of-the-box software, Acurity Online has an inbuilt content management system (CMS) allowing you to stay in control. You can use the CMS to change content, update messaging and segment your members— enabling you to deliver tailored content to different member groups. The channel of communication can be adjusted by using if-conditions, and push notifications can be activated—allowing members to receive confirmation of their actions within their super account.

Save on your technology budget and focus on appropriately branding your portal for maximum impact and return. Have your portal functioning and looking exactly as you require.


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