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Xplan Major Release: Simplifying self-service through security questions

Iress People

As part of the Xplan March 2020 Major Release, users that have not previously completed their security questions and have the capability ‘user settings - reset own password’ will now be shown a prompt at login to complete this action.

The prompt will redirect the user to the security questions page so they can set up their questions, or allow the reminder to be snoozed.

Once security questions have been entered, the prompt will no longer appear and users are able to utilise the self-service functionality to reset their password.

To help you understand how the prompt works and what you need to do, check out our video below which will walk you through the new functionality and how to enter in your security questions, as well as how to reset your password.

If you have any issues or would like more information, please contact Xplan Support or your Account Manager.