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How to: Register from Xplan Mortgage (XPM)

Community Manager

Welcome to the Iress Community!

Once registered, you’ll have access to:


Registering for the Community

Are you using Xplan Mortgage version 20.4 or later? Register for the Iress Community following these quick steps. (A video is also below should you wish to see this in action). 

  1. Login to XPM

  2. Click on the Adviser drop down menu

  3. Click on Help via the Iress Community

  4. Click the Register link at the top of any page. If you don't start in XPM you will not be able to register as the community verifies you hold an XPM license.

  5. Complete your details to register for an Iress Community username login. Your username is a combination of your first name and last name.This is your screen name in the community. It appears whenever you post messages. Iress will provide you with a username that you cannot change. No usernames are anonymous, to give the rest of the community transparency of who they are communicating with.

  6. You will receive an email with your username, and a link to verify your email address. Click on the link to verify your email and set a password.

  7. Once you're in the community complete the mandatory details to start using the community.


Tutorial Video

A video is available for the full Registration and Sign In journey to the Community. This video has no sound. 


Note: You must have cookies enabled in your browser to register and to sign in the community. After you've registered and confirmed your registration, you can sign in and start participating.

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