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How To: Set your default location

Iress People


  • The Iress Community Location Filter allows users to set a preferred location and have all content seen in the community pre-filtered for that location
  • This will allow users to reduce the noise of irrelevant content and find what they need sooner
  • This was delivered in part due to the large amount of user feedback about searching through content not relevant to their location. Location was the primary cause of ‘noise’ in search results. 

See it in action

Location Filter2.7.gif


Users must be logged into the community to access the location filter. 


Key Features

The following are the key features of the location filter:

Menu Toggle

  • Users are able to set their preferred location via the location filter menu, accessed by the globe icon in the top right. 
  • Once set, all content shown will be relevant to the selected location. Whereby, selecting Global will show all content. Selecting Australia OR New Zealand OR South Africa OR Canada OR Asia will show content labelled for that location. 


Search Suggestions

  • Results shown in the search suggestions will be filtered as per the users selected location
  • If content has been filtered here, a warning will appear in the bottom left corner of the drop down ‘Some search results are hidden as they do not match your selected location


Search Results

  • Results in the search will be filtered via a label filter match the users selected location
  • Removing the label will allow the user to search for content outside of that location while they remain on the search results page
  • Re-engaging the location filter while on the search results page will re-apply the label
  • Users can search for content applicable to multiple locations via the labels filter. 

Note: All search filters work via an AND relationship to each other not AND/OR. Meaning if a user were to select a location of Australia and then a label of Canada, search results will be filtered for content labeled for both Australia AND Canada. 

Content on community pages

  • Only content matching the users location will be displayed on a knowledge base, blog or forum 


  • Subscriptions are not filtered for location, only the page that the user selects to subscribe from. 

Article Warnings

  • Users accessing content that does not match their selected location will be presented with a warning at the top of the page ‘This article does not apply to your selected region, it is for Iress Software users in the regions labelled below.’



  • This feature does not prevent options from appearing in the navigation menu or the quicklinks
  • Articles marked shown in feature articles will not be hidden from display by the location filter
  • User posts in Ask the Community will not be filtered on page

Next Steps

If you'd like to discuss this further, please contact an Iress representative, for example your appointed account manager, consultant or for any support queries about this