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Get Started: New Xplan Navigation & Community

Community Manager

Hello, and welcome to the Iress Community, your home for Xplan software information. 


The improvements we’ve made to Xplan’s navigation are a direct response to feedback from Xplan users and follow twelve months of user input and testing, as part of Iress Labs


The main improvements include:

  • menu options based on how you work, so you can navigate around Xplan more intuitively
  • an improved search function so you can find clients, accounts, documents and everything else within Xplan more easily
  • a bookmark function so you can get to frequently accessed modules faster
  • direct access to the Iress Community -  a single source of Xplan information including searchable help, release notes, training videos, real-time updates, and access to Xplan experts, and tips and tricks from other Xplan users.


In the Xplan release available from Friday 6 December 2019 (version 19.12), the new navigation view will become standard for all users with the classic navigation option removed.


If you’re new to the new Xplan navigation, we recommend taking a few minutes to check out these helpful resources ahead of your upgrade. 


1. Watch a quick video tour of Xplan’s new navigation




2. Feel part of the community!

We've created the community to help you make the most out of your software. Enjoy this short video introducing the community and how the community can help you.


3. Register to the Iress Community and get immediate access to more information about Xplan’s new navigation

To register follow these quick steps:

  • In Xplan, click on your name at the top of the page and then select My Preferences, and make sure your button for the Labs preference is set to Yes
  • Click on your name at the top of the screen and then click on Help via Iress Community. This will launch the Iress Community and all you need to do is click Register at the top of the screen and follow the prompts.
  • After registering, if you’d like to stick to the classic navigation until your site is upgraded to version 19.12, simply go back to My Preferences, and then click on the button to change your Labs preference to No. Remember once your Xplan site is upgraded to 19.12 you’ll be using the new navigation.

4. Get Started in the community

Go to the Getting Started area to learn how to search, subscribe to content and post in Ask the Community.


5. Find all Xplan resources in the community

Go to the Xplan Help area where you can find our 


See you in the community!