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Feedback requested: View note attachments only

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Feedback requested: View note attachments only

For background on this new doc notes space, please read We want your feedback on document notes! - Iress Community



Our research showed that it can be a struggle to find notes easily because everyone has a different way of naming and filing, scrolling through a list of notes is not efficient, and it can be frustrating that each note has to be previewed/opened to see what's in the attachments.



To help address these problems, we're seeking feedback on the ability to view a list of attachments for a client, independent of the note. A lot of the time, the interest is in the attachments, not the document note, so listing the attachments would give you quicker access to what you're looking for. You'd be able to open an attachment preview and then click through to the next or previous one, replicating the concept of a paper file.


Would you use it?

We're interested in gathering your thoughts on this concept. We'd also like to hear how you think you may use it in your business.


  • Would you prefer it to be a different view within the existing notes page or a new page?
  • Do you think you'd use the notes view or the attachment view more often?
  • Besides previewing, what else would you want to be able to do from the attachment view?
  • How often are you searching for and viewing attachments?


Please respond to this post, or email me at


We're looking forward to hearing from you!

Community Member: Level 7

This is a great idea Zita.

One improvement re: notes & attachments we would like to see:

  • Add a new column on the note view screen that lists the attachments within a note.

While an attachment view that shows all attachments is useful, sometimes it's important to see the Note related to the attachment. The ability to see all attachments within a note, without clicking into it and navigating to the attachment tab, would improve the efficiency of the note screen.

Community Member: Level 4

This does sound like a good idea and we do have advisers that are still stuck to paper files so this might get closer to replicating that. As long as this is an extra option/area and doesn't replace what we already have, it would be a win.

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