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Making the most of Online Meetings

Iress Community Manager

Your clients may be looking for greater reassurance during these uncertain times and you’ll also want to stay connected with your colleagues while working from home. When face to face isn’t an option because of social distancing measures, video conferencing should be your go-to. It’s easy to use and you can maintain a feeling of personal, direct service without being in the same room. 


Make the most of Online Meetings with Xplan


  • You can use any video conferencing app you like but for a really seamless experience, use Online Meeting in Xplan which is powered by Suitebox.
  • Remember to record your meeting and save the recording to the client’s file in Xplan (if you use Online Meeting this will be done automatically) to tick those all-important compliance checks.
  • Playback your video call recordings at any time to recap on what you and your client discussed.

See Online Meetings in action






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